[RESOLVED] cpu and memory bottleneck?



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i have a e8400 core 2 cpu 1333fsb but my memory is 1066.i was thinking about getting a quad core cpu and was wondering if a 1066 cpu would work just as well as a 1333 since my memory is only 1066.im using the pc as a dvr to record tv shows .sometimes when recording 2 shows at the same time they will get flashes of a blue screen i wasnt sure if it was caused by inadequate cpu. the only reason to use a 1066 cpu was to save $


Check via Task Manager if you believe that the processor is the bottleneck.

Check the recommended specifications of the software in use.
Verify that the software is designed to handle two simultaneous recordings.


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A quad socket 775 processor with an fsb of 1066 or 1333 works perfectly well with ddr2 800, so, there won't be a problem with ddr2 1066.