[RESOLVED] Changing my CPU


jonny b

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I got a custom computer with a Celeron 2.4Ghz. I have a few Pentium 2.4's around. Everest says that my motherboard is: Effective clock - 533Mhz

I have two Pentium 4 2.4ghz. One says 533 on it and the other says 800 on it. The exact markings are 2.4Ghz/512/800 and the other one is listed with /533

Should I stay away from the 800 and just use the 533 or can I use either cpu with this motherboard. The mobo is a ASRock P4i65GV

Don't want to cook anything.


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Use the 800 for better performance. This generation of motherboards are among the first to support 800 MHz FSB CPUs.
I have a similar motherboard (P4i65G) with an overclocked 2.6GHz Northwood (512/800) CPU on it and it works perfectly.

Here's the CPU support chart if you want to make sure :) The ones you have are probably these models and they appear to be supported on all BIOS versions :

478 Pentium 4 n/a Northwood 2.40 GHz 800MHz 512KB All
478 Pentium 4 n/a Northwood 2.40 GHz 533MHz 512KB All