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william gaughan

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hi folks, looking for some help. i want to build myself a laptop but have never tried to undertake this sort of project on before so i was wondering if any one could recomend a good book that would help me:confused:


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I would love to do this aswell. I think someone asked about this before and it was said that it would be to expensive. I will have a look on the net now and see if I can find anything. Let me know how it goes.

EDIT: It shemes that the best thing to do is to build a cheap secound hand/ refurbished laptop and then upgrade it. There loads of UK websites that sell secound hand and refurbished laptops. Just do a search on Google for "laptop"+"refurbished"

:D I'll post back if I find anything interesting. What spec are you looking at and what £price arange.
I'm looking at about £250 and 166mhz ish area.
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The problem with building/upgrading a laptop is two fold:

First, laptops are built for space, and thats it, upgradiblity is usually not high on the list, which makes finding parts very difficult.

Second, many laptops are proprietary, which means there are not going to be parts out there to build and or upgrade a laptop. The most you can usually do is the RAM, then the hard drive, and maybe the processor.

Unless your handy with moding miniATX boards or old laptops, this will not be as easy a building a computer

All that aside, I can't say this is impossible because, well, gosh darn it, nothing is impossible, and I still believe in Santa, the Grinch, and magic. ;)