[RESOLVED] Asus P8P67 LE or Gigabyte GA-Z68AP-D3



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Hi everyone.

I just picked up a new motherboard and I'm wondering what would be better to use with an Intel i5 Core 2500K with that unlocked multiplier... but since I'm an idiot, what multiplier do you guys think I should use? I haven't overclocked since the Pentium III days and no longer need the speed. I just want it to be stable.

On top of that, I have a CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Plus to cool the processor just to make sure. :)

I also have two HD5770 videocards and will try CrossFire for the first time and connect the videocards via HDMI opposed to DVI to the two monitors at 1920 x 1080.

So before I tear apart my computer, I'm wondering what motherboard would be better to use?

Last thing... I have three videocards: two HD5770's and a one HD6790. Should I use the single or go with the CrossFire?

I'll do whatever you guys recommend! :)

Cheers all. :)


That GIGABYTE has the Intel Z68 Express chipset, which is more recent.
With that said,
I could not find any reviews of it anywhere.

The news is not much better for ASUS.
Reviews has it being a poor overclocker
Appears to have higher than the norm negative feedback due to poor quality control?

Unable to really comment on alternatives since I have no idea how different prices in your region...

Reminder, all models listed below with similar price ranges in North America.
For Z68 chipset,
In North America, the ASUS P8Z68-V LE model is within few dollars of ASUS P8P67 LE.
Only three end user feedbacks at newegg posted, all three positive.

The ASUS P8Z68-V has more number of positive feedbacks/reviews but costs more.

If you prefer the P67 chipset,
The ASRock P67 EXTREME4 has plenty of positive feedbacks.


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Thanks Shinma... The price difference between the Gigabyte and the Asus was big. Nearly $60 but I already had the Asus board in my computer. The Gigabyte, I was forced to buy since they didn't have the P8P67 Pro which I originally wanted.

I've never used ASrock before so I didn't even bother looking. In fact, I only ever use Asus boards which is why I'm asking about the Gigabyte. I will have a go at it and let you know.

I need to figure out how to setup the multiplier for the 2500K on the Gigabyte board. Will look for tutorials now but if you have one in mind, do send me a link.

Cheers. :)


Hi Toolbox,
If you are referring to settings in the CMOS/BIOS menu for overclocking,
You can see the following similar GIGABYTE mobo model works,

I rarely overclock a system anymore...
You will need to press Ctrl + F1 keys while in the main menu to access advanced settings.

Note that the GIGABYTE is currently on BIOS version F4 for the model.

GIGABYTE has labelled the processor multiplier as CPU Clock Ratio under the Advanced Frequency Settings.


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I finally got all of that sorted out and the CPU and Motherboard are working well. Thank you for the help on that one. :)

Now, I have two HD5770's and I can't tell is both are working in CrossFire mode. Any tips? Angry Birds looks the same with a real performance gain! :)

I should've run 3DMark before and after installing the second HD5770. Now, I'm never going to know if what I did is right. :(


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Gigabyte GA-Z68AP-D3 is TERRIBLE!

I installed Windows 7 Professional and I had to use the on-screen keyboard because it wouldn't detect my USB Logitech Keyboard.

Once in Windows, I installed my wireless PCI Card and it keeps losing the connection. It worked fine with my P8P67 LE.

USB3.0 won't work!

I've had it on for 3 hours now and I am not pleased at all!

This motherboard is a MISTAKE!



Did you install the Service Pack and updated all the drivers?
Bear in mind that the Intel Z68 chipset is new so unlike the older Intel P67 chipset, drivers are unlikely to be integrated in Win7...

If memory serves,
The USB 3.0 specifications become completely standardized just a few weeks ago.
Definitely will need drivers.

Took a quick browse through the GIGABYTE website,
Updated drivers for all of the components are listed.
Chipset, USB 3.0, Audio, LAN, VGA...


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I have all of the Windows Updates installed. Finally, the Wireless LAN is working alright. I don't know which update it was but Windows sorted it out. USB3.0 worked with the updated drivers as well and a BIOS Flash was needed.

Now that I have everything working, it seems to be okay but it was extremely frustrating getting it to work well. It isn't as simple as the Asus.

Thank you for updated drivers listing. I'll down load all of them now.

There is one good thing though, it does look pretty:



From your description,
It appears the hair pulling was due to the Intel Z68 chipset being new and USB 3.0 being standardized after the release of Win7 and its' Service Pack.
You would have likely ended up grinding your teeth even if it was ASUS, since the chipset would still be Z68.
Welcome to the annoyance of being one of the first, trying out a new chipset.

Nice choice of using the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus.
In terms of value and installation, they are excellent.
In the future, if noise is a concern, you may want to change the default fan to a better/quieter one.
e.g. Scythe Kama Flow 2 series or Enermax T.B. Silence series..
Nexus makes quiet fans but I don't trust their quality control. Had one fail on me in about a year.

One thing to note,
The Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus appears to slightly off line?
Not parallel to the memory expansion slots?

Around next month, it will be my turn.
Have to build a system for a client and will likely be using a Z68 chipset based mobo as well.


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Thank you for the kind words Shinma. I realized, this is the first "serious" computer I've built since 2008 (I think). The one before this had a Core2 Duo 2.53GHz with 2GB's of RAM and a 9600GT. My God have times changed. I don't even have to import power supplies anymore because there are good ones everywhere. I remember when people were using power supplies that came with the case and I had to figure out how to get a PC Power and Cooling to the Philippines.

As for the Hyper212... I love it and I never knew it was misaligned until you mentioned it. I guess I'll have to straighten it out one of these days.

As for your client, try and avoid the Z68 for now and use the Asus P8P67 Pro. Much better in every way. I have P8P67LE and the P67 is much better especially in the BIOS and a mid-board USB3.0 slot.

I have a CoolerMaster CM690 Advance Casing with the SATA X-Dock on top and everytime I want to use the feature, I have to shutdown the computer and start it again, with the P8P67, it was hot swappable.

In fact, as soon as I have the energy again, I will replace this Gigabyte board with the P8P67 Pro. I was much happier with that. :)

As always, thanks for looking out for me. Much appreciated. :)


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Hahaha! Apparently, I don't know how to build computers anymore since its been so long since the last one. I'd better double check the engine mounts on my motorcycle... That could get me into a bit of trouble. :)

Now three things to do after the hurricane holiday! :)