repair files .xlsx ?



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hi i got a problem with some files i recovered with " PC inspector File Recovery"... the prob is that 2 out of the 4 are damaged or something like that... when i open them it says that is impossible to open the file cuz its format or extension is not valid. Do someone knows how to repair these files???

- Microsoft Office 2007
- Win xp sp2

format of the files .xlsx


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This might work:

This is probably a file association problem try this:
In Windows 7:
1. Right-click the file,
2. Select "Open With"
select [Your Program Here]
3. Check always use this program.

In Windows XP:
1. Locate the file as you have described above
2. Right click the file
3. Select Open with from the pop-up menu
4. Click Choose default program…
5. Select Excel in the Recommended Programs box
6. Check Always use the selected program to open this kind of file
7. Click on OK.


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I'm barely familiar with Office but Excel spreadsheets are normally named something.xls

You could try renaming the .xlsx files to the .xls extension and see if Office or, more exactly, Excel will open them. If it can't open them then they are probably truly damaged.
This link has some step-by-step info about how to repair an Excel document that's become corrupt for whatever reason.