Remote Desktop via SSH and error message



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I tried to configure SSH server (let us call this PC : Server PC) and putty (let us call this PC: Client PC) exactly as described in the link above (step by step).

I have got two PC with XP Profe OS,,,,one PC (Where SSH server is installed) is on cable modem and other PC (where PUTTY is installed ) is on dialup.

I was able to establish a SSH Tunnel but I could not access RDP,,,,I do not know where was the problem.

Port forwarding is okay no problem otherwise I would not be able to establish SSH tunned

from PC where PUTTY is installed (let us call it Client PC) when I tried to type in the ip address (for the PC where SSH server is installed let us call it Server PC) with source port number (for Client PC) I received the below error message :

Any idea what troubleshoot should I perform ?