Registry Problems



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I am constantly having corrupt registry problems. I currently backup the system.dat, system.da0, user.dat, and user.da0 files and use them to replace the corrupt registry whenever the error occurs. I have also tried rebuilding the registry using MS regclean applications and other third party software. This has not solved my problem. I have also reformatted my HD and reinstalled Win 95, I have also made sure all drivers are up to date, there are no hardware conflicts, and all applications are registered. I used to have 2 x 16Mb EDO RAM, but I recently upgraded by adding on 2 x 32Mb EDO RAM to the first 2 slots and moved the 16's to the 2 last slots (only 4 slots available). This has not changed my registry problems. I did notice that when I boot up it now says there is EDO RAM in rows 3, 4, 5. Both Win95 and DOS recognizes 96Mb of RAM. My PC is 2 years old and self built.

Is it normal to have RAM in rows 3, 4, 5? What happend to rows 1 and 2? And would this have any effect on the registry? Is there anything else that I can check or do to permanently fix my registry problems?

I would appreciate any help given. Thanks.


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try to use only the 32Mb memories or change the memories order, if the problem still occurs maybe it comes from a motherboard problem.


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You may also try putting the 32MB SIMMS in the back two slots, and the 16MB SIMMs in the front two. Some boards are really strange when it comes to the memory. Some want it one way, some want it the other, and some just don't care.