Recording from a Tapedeck onto a PC



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My setup is as follows, Intel P4 3.4, 1gb RAM,Win XP Pro SP2, An Aiwa portable Digital compact tape recorder/palyback HD-S1, with digital & analog output.

I have connected the analog to the PC's input line (not headphone to the MIC...I know that). I cannot get any sound from Aiwa's Digital Out socket, so Analog it has to be:(. PC is not recording in either Windows Sound recorder, Nero's Wave Editor or Messer. None show any sound waves in the recording monitor panel either. I can hear the music from the PC's speakers hich is what is confusing me.

Please help.



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Have you selected Line-In as your recording source ? To do so, go into your Control Panel, double-click on Sounds and Audio Devices, then under "Device volume" click Advanced. You should see the mixer. Then, go to Options > Properties and select Recording and click OK. The mixer should change to show the recording inputs. Just check the box under your line-in channel and it should work.
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