recomend video card specs.


David Markham

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Hi all,
I have a 266 celeron cpu & 64mb ram.
I want to run Need For SpeedIII & gp3.
What recommendations can you make in the way of specs for an AGP video card? I want to get the maximum video quality but not go for overkill in respect of the cpu speed. ie: would a 32mb AGP card be overkill or would a 16mb card be more suitable. If I have to cripple the graphics I want to only have to do it due to the CPU limitations.

David Markham.



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i would definately the voodoo3 2000. it is VERY cpu independent, meaning it doesn't need alot of CPU horsepower to run. it has 16 megs of ram and is VERY overclockable. you can download a patch that lets you overclock it to voodoo3 3000 speeds. the only improvement between the 3000 and 2000 model is that the 3000 is clocked slightly higher and has tv/out. also, it there are pci and agp versions of the voodoo3. the voodoo3 also support glide, direct 3d, and open GL. Glide is supported by games such as UT and the voodoo3 looks so smooth with glide support. also, the voodoo3 never seems to have any problems, such as compatibility problems with mobos...etc.... all in all, the voodoo3 is probably the best gaming/budget card. oh yeah, btw, the voodoo3 2000 is around 80 dollars or even maybe less if you look around good.


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NFS runs much better on Voodoo3 based cards. Go for V3 2000 or 3000, 16MB should be adequate!



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yep voodoo3 isn't really cpu dependand whell if you believe that youre a moron i had a voodo3 2000 pci on my amd k6-2 350 and got 40 fps in low res in halflife then i upgraded to pentium 3 600 and my fps went to 86 now does that seem like it isn't cpu depandent, i dont think so. go for a geforce 1/2 sdr/ddr they have gpus and arn't cpu dependant or a voodoo5 5500 all will work alright on your system


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I hear what you're saying, but I have to disagree a little. This guy has a 266 Celeron, so in my opinion a V5 or Geforce wouldln't give much if any performance boost over a V3, and would be way more expensive. 16 meg V3 will be quite satisfying with that CPU, and I think you can find them for around 60 bucks these days.


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ok, my point is that you don't need a ultra powerful system to power the voodoo3. a system with david's weaker horsepower (sorry
) would work well with a voodoo3 because it doesn't require much cpu power.