Recomemdations for a Access Point



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I'm looking for a Access Point to use in a nearby building off of a exixting wireless router. My nddes/wish list is as follows;

1. Removeable antenna(s),
2. At least a 'G' or possibly a 'N' depending on price,
3. Metal case would be a plus,
4. Wall mountable,
5. Cost under $70,
6. Speed holding up under weaker signal conditions (as much as possible),
7. Decent support and user friendly config. menu.


A. Are diversty (dual) antennas really better?
B. Is the price difference between 'G' and 'N' type AP's worth the price difference?

What I didn't like was those Linksys blue and black routers and AP's that have a dozen different variations and version numbers that only confuses which one to get.