Rebooting Problems



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I've just recently started having booting problems. 50% of the time when I hard boot the machine (or reboot for running system), it reboots itself before the bios finishing registering. (you can't get into cmos) Once it attempts to load the bios, it reboots into a continous rebooting loop starting w/ the video card, then ram check and then into bios startup etc.

Machine :
k6-3 450, epox mvp3 mb, 192mb ram, 8gig, modem, soundcard etc.

I thought it might be the power supply at first. But I checked it with an ISA voltage tester and everything checks okay. Then I replaced and tested memory and that is okay also. I then pulled out each peripheral card one-by-one and even replaced the video card and everything checks okay. I have thermal grease plus a good size fan on the CPU. Also replaced cmos battery.

The other times it does boot up it runs just fine. (no freeze etc.) I have updated n2k and checked the system for virus. (none) Also checked internal heat temp. w/ various programs and everything seems okay. (checked also cache memory and everything passes) Also replaced and checked connections on power cord.

The only thing I can conclude is possible grounding somewhere that is causing the reboot on start. (I also disconnected the reset connection switch) Or unless the motherboard is going out...Any ideas would be appreciated.