Realtek's HD Audio Manager control panel disappeared



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I'm having issues with Realteks' HDAudio Manager control panel.

I'm running XP w/sp2 (for now) and I don't want the service to run at startup. I did find, hidden under that "I" icon, the ability not to show the program icon in the system tray which I checked. The process (service) is still running at startup. I was able to stop the process using MS Config ok (, but by doing so I couldn't manually start the program by creating a shortcut under 'Programs' (where it should be in the first place) and clicking on it.

First issue:
Why isn't there a shortcut in the 'Programs' menu as all other programs have??

Second, but najor issue;
Now, even with the service running (with the tray icon hidden), I can't access the control panel. Nothing comes up.

What's up with this??


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Ok, When I went to CP I saw an entry for this Audio Mgr. at the bottom of the list. I clicked on it and it opened. :eek:
I then checked that box to show the icon in the System Tray. I closed the CP and clicked on that icon and it started.
I then tried the shortcut I made again linked to the .exe file buried three layers deep in the Realtek program folder and nothing again.

Then it is a dll that starts the program when I click on the icon in the systen tray or in Control Panel?? :confused: