Really Weird LCD Problem



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im having a really weird problem with my LG L1715S 17" LCD.

lastnight i noticed a line of what looked like dead pixels right down the monitor from top to bottom, so i plugged in my old iiyama 17" CRT and the line wasn't their. pluged the LCD back in and it was their again, so i thought it must be the monitor. it was only happening when displaying the colour blue though.

i then fixed it in a really weird way by doing the following...

you know when you click and hold your left mouse button and move the mouse it creates a little box thing? well i done that right down the line and it dissapeared :confused:

so its been fine all day but its done it again tonight!

ive tried removing the monitor drivers and restarting etc but its still their so going to remove the video card drivers and try that.

anyone had this problem?

EDIT: its happening at 1024X768 too in the exact same place.

EDIT 2: It also seems to be flickering slightly and sometimes dissapearing at some places so its not a full line anymore where lastnight it was.


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Here's some pictures for you of the problem. sorry about the quality they were taken with my webcam.



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Try setting yout monitor to factory defaults, then adjust the phase, if the line remains,

try the monitor on another comp.
You could just leve it on, hooked up to the server, for example.

If the line is still there when used on another comp, then, I gues, RMA it.


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ive tried all the factory defaults etc but never thought about trying it on another computer ill plug it into my laptop since thats what im using at the moment

thanks :)

EDIT: just pluged it into my laptop and it looks like its RMA time :(
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just ran the winamp visualisations and it dissapeared after it!

now that i think back i was running them before it appeared in the first place :confused:

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I would check the cable too though. Have you checked that? I doubt that is the problem but my LCD started giving me problems lately. I found out it was the cable. I replaced it and everything was fine. It was nothing like your problem though.