Really Good Computer Motherboard


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Attention everybody!

I have just finished building my own computer, and I used an Amptron ( PM-9100. It's low price, onboard sound/video, and suggestion from salesman for starters made me buy ot. Not to say that it is a bad board, but paying extra for onboard video/sound is not worth it. I paid 25.00 for a Virge DX 4mb video card (and it is equal to the ATI Rage Pro 4mb PCI
) Anyway, I'm on to the next computer, and I'm wondering if I could use a Single Board Computer + Backplane Board + Large Passive Backplane Server Case = to make a really good computer? Does Win98 support that? Is that a good idea?

Pillow Fluff

P.S. Does anyone know about the K6-2 400? I saw it in pricewatch ( I use a K6-233, and it stinks compared to what they have now.