Ready for a NEW FSAA Debate?



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Ok my friends, let the new debate begin.
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3dfx announced that the V5 6000 will ship with:

8x FSAA.

This could get ugly.



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I saw that one of their PR reps confirmed it is POSSIBLE with the VSA-100 after rumors of some guy reg hacking a 5500 to 8x. Are you sure they officially said it will INCLUDED?

I really don't know why they would bother. 4X RGSS FSAA looks pretty damned good. I can't imagine the performance hit of 8x being worth a minimal increase in quality. I suppose if support is always there it can't hurt to enable it.

Eh, maybe it'd look slightly better on games with very small polygons at great distances. I would imagine most gamers would choose 4X FSAA at 1024x768x16 (maybe 32bit) getting a steady 60 fps instead of a only microscopically better looking 35 fps at 8X.

I'm very curious as to how the subsamples are taken. 4x2? 3x3 without the middle sample? I'm guessing a sort of 4x2, two 4 sample rotated grids side by side, horizontally scaled to cram them all in. Or the same thing, but rotated another 90 deg for a vertical type orientation. Hmmmm.

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Personally I'd say 3DFX's 4x FSAA is already pretty good. Above that, it gets to a point of diminishing returns. I mean, ok, 8x would probably be slightly better, but I'll take a higher resolution at 4xFSAA instead. Now I'm running most stuff at 800x600 4xFSAA. Methinks I'll bump it to 1024x768 at 4xFSAA.


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I personaly take high ass res over FSAA anyday of the year and in 32 bit color!
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why does the geforce 2 FSAA supposed 2 be so crap?

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the FSAA sucks in GF family because the FSAA is done by software hack, while 3Dfx did it by hardware, and hardware's always faster than software.

i hope nvidia supports hardware FSAA in nextgen GPUs


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When they come out they'll be lots of benchmarks, if it's fast now IT'S MINE!!!

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