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Can you have too much RAM? I have been told that after a certain point too much RAM can slow your system down. I have a Pentium 233MMX and 2 hard drives total 25GB. I download lots of music. I now have 96MB of RAM and considering upgrade to 128. My system max is 256. Will I see a significant increase in speed if I upgrade to 128. Any input will be helpful. Thanks, Ken


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if you have the older tx or vx chipset (i think those are the ones) adding more than 64megs of ram to your system will slow it down because the chipset can only cache 64 megs max (something like that). i dont think that you will see large (if any) speed increase by upgrading

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That is basically true, but, dont forget that if you're using a very ram intensive program, too much ram will always still be faster than swapfile use.


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Actually I believe the money you'd spend on ram, should go toward a new motherboard and processor.

If your system is custom made and your not afraid to dig around inside a computers case,
a faster processor and new motherboard would give you a BIG increase in speed for abit more money.

Goto www.pricewatch.com and just browse around, I'd personally go with a chip thats over 400mhz this way you won't feel the urge to upgrade for awhile.

Good Luck..