Ram give out at 875 - news at 11 - Ack!



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I can't believe it! Got the 650e in with the p3125 and it rocks! Air cooling and the sucker hasn't cracked 37C yet (avg is about 33) Runnin just fine! Except, the ram I've got, 256M Toshinba PC100, won't take more than 135fsb - doesn't that just suck.

Well, I'm looking to do a trade in the fs forum (Oh what a shameless plug there!) to take care of that.

The G400 wouldn't do the faster speeds, that sucked. I've got the V3-3k in there and it's fine, even o/c to 185
Well, look out all, I'm commin up quick.

God I love this chip!


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I love this stuff - now here's the kicker - do I trust any old ram, or really shell out the $ for mushkin
They have the high perf (their recommendation as they test it to and above 150) at $181 for a 128M stick. Decisions, decisions.....

but what a great combo - the 650e and the alpha...


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try KTI... it won't run athlon if you ever plan to upgrade to one though... it's small, and runs very cool even all the way up to 150!

HUH? How the hell did I miss that?