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I know what the differences are between all of the RAID systems, but I didn't know if RAID 0 had both hard drive spaces free. In RAID 1, one drive has an exact copy of the other drive, but in RAID 0, both drives wrk simultaneously. Those of you using RAID 0, does it decrease hard drive space any? Anyone recommend a good IDE system, or even SCSI? Thanks


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RAID 0, total HD space = smallest of your HD X 2.

I have 2 20 Gig IBM, so I have 40 Gig Total. If I had 1 6 Gig HD and 1 30 Gig HD, I would have 12 Gig Total in RAID 0.


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RAID 0 slows down your drive access to smaller files though - RAID 0 is only really good for loading larger files.

So dont expect miracle performance gains accross the board because it will only become apparent when loading > 3-4MB.

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Thanks for the help! Does anyone recommend a card to set up an IDE RAID 0 system? I was thinking about setting up a Linux server and the file transfer through a RAID 0 would be great.