Rage 128 dvd quality



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I just read over the HC review of the rage 128 and what do you know! Another review full of nice bar graphs comparing FPSs. 'What about image quality?' you ask? 'What about dvd quality'? Are they important? According to this, and the other 'reviews' done on this card, they are barely relevant. When will reviewers get a clue and start taking this stuff seriously? It's not just about Framerate in Quake, girls and boys!


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first of all, rage 128GL is a 3D card..made for 3D apps....quakeII timedemos is the standard...the rage 128 has all those other features (hardware dvd, tv out) so it can separarte itself from the droves of other video cards. you cant really measure "image quality" ..the reviews ive seen compare it to the tnt..which is pretty much the same..ive seen 3D games on a voodoo2, matrox g200 and a tnt (@16bit color)...they all pretty much look the same although i prefer the voodoo2 if you can believe that...plus the rage 128 can do 32bit color without a performance hit...if you want dvd..get a creative labs 5x encore dvd kit.