Radio in my speakers



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Anyone ever have problem with radio broadcast being picked up by speakers? I seem to be getting National Public Radio whenever I turn on my speakers. I've tried everything I can think of, but no luck getting it to stop. Could this be a result of my sound card? Something else? Help me...I'm desperate. [email protected]




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I have heard of this happening before, it usually is due to bad shielding in the system. If it happens when the computer is off and the speakers are on, you likely have a problem with the amplifier in the speakers being improperly shielded. If it happens only with the computer on, it likely is a problem with the soundcard or the speaker cables being improperly shielded. First thing I would check would be your speaker wires. Try different wires and see if they work ok. If not, try to get access to another sound card and see if it happens with it. (get a friend to lend you one). You'll know that if it goes away with a different sound card, your old cards shielding is no good.
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For lack of anything better, I have my walkman set up to go into the "Line In" port on my sound card. The other day I was listening to the radio and it suddenly cut out. I realised that my head was in the way of the radio waves, most of the time reception is good but in one particular position it doesn't work. Needless to say that walkman antennas are really shitty (and there's very few places radio waves can get into this room - concrete on all four sides), all I can suggest is to try moving the speaker cables around (possibly try the sound card in another slot?).