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I've read that Creatives Geforce MX 32Mb uses DDR but has 64bit something, and they said that 128 bit is the way to go. I know Radeon uses DDR memory, but I've looked in ATI's webpage and I cant find the info on wether the Radeon uses 64 bit or 128 bit.


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The Radeon uses the latest memmory bus the same the GTS and all other NVIDIA cards use but not the 64bit so its using the best one or the fasteer one!
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If you want to compare the Radeon 32mb DDR to an Nvidia card it should be the GTS, not the MX.

The MX comes in both SDR and DDR versions, but the DDR cards use a narrow 64bit bus. The DDR MX cards in fact have LESS bandwidth and are slower because they use 143mhz DDR RAM.

A few of the 32mb GTS cards are down to the about the same price as the Radeon 32mb DDR. MX cards are a good $50 cheaper than either.

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New 7020 drivers are out for the Radeon.
Especially good for 3DNOW! users.
prepare to watch the radeon get a boost.

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