Radeon 7500 tv out problems



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Hi there!

Bought svhs video cables today and tried to get tv-out to work.
Connected SVHS to pc, activated TV in the ATI Panel - nothing worked.

After a reboot i can´t select TV anymore - always says no TV device connected (i try through shvs - svhs scart - tv).

No chance to get it to work again, downloaded the newest drivers and panel updates - nothing...

Since i don´t see any logical way to bypass that problem i ask for help here :/




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Am only working from the information you have given and what I did with my Radeon 7500. First of all have you installed Hydravision that comes on the CD with your Graphics card. Once this is installed right click on desktop then click properties and go to settings. Here you have to enable the TV as your second monitor if you already havnt. Once you have done this go to advanced and try and set your TV up through there, thats what I had to do with mine and it worked OK. Let me know how you get on or if you think of anything else that might work.