Radeon 7000 or SiS 315?



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I have been looking at new video cards to use with my ECS K7S5A motherboard. I am currently using my old Matrox G400. I do not want to get a GeForce card (long story) and have been looking at two possibilities that are in my price range:

1. ECS AG315T 64mb with TV out
2. ATI OEM Radeon 7000 64mb SDR with TV out

The ECS card has the SiS 315 chipset, and the ATI Radeon card is listed as "Powered by ATI".

Speed is important, but stability is the most important factor to me. TV out is not essential, but did come with both of the above cards. Also, I would like to avoid buggy drivers, and prefer drivers that are relatively easy to install/uninstall. That's the one thing I've always liked about Matrox...the ease of which one can install or remove their drivers.

Of the above two cards, which do you think would be the better and more stable choice? Is there another good choice that you'd recommend?

My system specs:

ECS K7S5A motherboard
AMD Thunderbird 1.1 ghz
256mb SDRAM (Micron)
350w Enermax PS
Matrox G400 16mb
2-40gb Seagate HDs
D-link NIC
Surfboard SB3100 cable modem
ELSA USB modem
Epson 880 printer
Acer scanner
19" Monitor

Thanks in advance for your help.



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If you dont care about gaming then Radeon 7000 is probably not a bad choice (image quality and decent tv-out)

However if you intend to play any games at all then you should go for

Geforce MX 400 (you dont want to spend more then 50$)

Radeon 7500 (if you are willing to spend 85$) - well worth it

Duron [email protected]
Elite ECS K7S5A
256MB DDR Infineon
Radeon 7500
(got to love that TV-out)
40GB Quantum 7200rpm
SB Live value
300W PS

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Your G400 is old bit IMHO better then ATI 7000 and SiS 315.

SiS 315 is not gaming card and it hase UGLY 3D

ATI 7000 I have never used but I doubt that is better then G400.

Stick with G400 or buy something better.

ATI 7500 is good option if you don't like GF series.
Todd a

Todd a

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NewEgg.com has a GeForce2 GTS-V for $48 +$5 shipping. Can't be beat. they overclcok really good too. You'd likely get much better speed than with either of those two. The Radeon 7500 is OK and supposadly the SiS 330 is going to be pretty good, but the 315 is slower than a Geforce2 MX (which slower than the GTS-V).

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Epox 8KHA+ KT266A
256MB Crucial DDR266 cas2
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TTGI TT-350-SS 370w PS


Kimi doesn't want a Geforce card. I would say splurge for the ati 7500

Duron [email protected]
512mb PC133 RAM Micron
Geforce 2 Ti 275/425
40Gb Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 7200rpm
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The G400 in question is only 16mb(not sure if that was apparent).I have a g450 32mb and it absolutely bites at 3d (sub900 in 3dmark2001se) ,so even the radeon7000 will be a better choice.I would still recommend at least the radeon7500.


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another G400 bits the dust

i've poked around with all these cards, and i'd have to say the Radeon 7000 is the best of the bunch. Although i have a funny feeling that what you saw was a typo and what you were really looking at was a Radeon 7200 with 64mb SDRAM (but i could be wrong) in either case the Radeon is better.

Also just as everyone else has said for gaming a Radeon 7000 won't give you much of an increase over the G400. So if gaming is what you want this new card for, get a Radeon 7500 retail.

Or go to www.matroxusers.com and check out all the "next generation Matrox card" rumours are all about

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