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i need to rackmount my PC. it's not for a server, just my PC. i have a lot of rackmount music equip, and plan to integrate the PC with it.

anybody know where i can get cheap:

4U 19" ATX rackmount case, maximum 18"deep, minimum 2 external 5¼" bays, 1 external 3½" bay, 2 internal 3½" bays.

4U 19" RAID HD array case, non hot-swap, same maximum dimensions, at least 6 drives, 9 would be great. the disks are 3½", but i do not think a case exists for an array of those. may have to just

key word being cheap. there are a million cases over $300. thats over my budget since i just built this damn 6 drive SCSI3 RAID50 array. i can provide my own ATX PS and cooling.

anything? or am i barking up the wrong tree? the vendors on pricewatch dont seem to know what they're talking about


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I know of several good cases but none under $300 for what you are asking for esp the raid case.. i built several similar systems for our ships and most of these came out to about 600-700 for just the cases alone and that's with a discount of 20% from our vendor.


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thats exactly it. but no price is listed. ill do a little more digging.

found several under $300:
here's one
but that one was too easy to find. the link to the other one died, and wouldn't you believe it was the cheaper one?!?


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now don't that just figure

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