Quirky temperatures... 200deg fareignheit?!



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Okay I know what most of you are thinking...TURN IT OFF! But to tell you the truth I think my Soyo 6ba+IV Mainboard may be misreporting the temperatures. I'm shaking in my boots right now and they said that the case temp (or system temp) was 80+ Fareignheit!

Now of course i am still worried even though I am highly sceptical of the temperatures being that high. I touched the processor and it was cooler than my fingertip!!

I sincerely hope someone can enlighten me on this and perhaps share their own frustrations with cooling.

In all other aspects though, my new system runs like a dream.


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Great...now that dream is slowly becoming a nightmare! My computer just froze several times (even in dos!!) and I need to know just what exactly is going on! Please if someone can help reply to this thread...


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my system temp runs 80-85f. and my processor runs about 85 -95f. not bad for a p2 266 oc to 360. I have alot of fans in this thing keeping it cool. 2 on the cpu and 3 case fans plus the power supply. and i am adding more.

sounds like u might have problems what are u using to get your temps. ie. Mother Board monitor. do u have your latest bois updates. how old is the computer and has it been overclocked. might have a bad cpu if it is relitivly new. give us so more info. do you have a external temp probe that you can put onto the cpu and check the temp with that.


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Hey thanks for replying!

well my system is about...oh 1 day old. Has the following

Soyo 6ba+IV
Pentium 3 500
TennMax dual fan cooler (forgot the name but rated 2nd best on overclockers guid)
v770 Ultra video card

the rest is most likely superficial.

I am using the motherboard's temperature readings and they sure seem far from accurate... I do not know what else to do except reinstall my heat sink, and or look at other websites for more information.

BTW I definitely will invest in a temperature probe! Exactly how much is one??