Quiet fan/cooling system for Athlon CPU?



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I'm thinking of maybe upgrading my Athlon 600 to perhaps 1,6GHz and an up-to-date MB w/ DDR-RAM. But my system is placed next to my monitor, and thus the buzzing from the chassi-fan and CPU-fan, as well as my IBM HD interferes w/ my sound-system and can be quite annoying to those who are not used to this noise-level up in ear-hight.

I would be very appreciative if some1 could please recommend some fans, cooling-systems and silent-HD:s for my future purchase. I am aiming at the mid-price section (not crap - not the fantasy of a speeded overclocker), perhaps some $10-30 for the chassi-fan and CPU-fan, and about $100-150 for a new HD (preferably IBM and 7200rpm).

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I'm outa the cooling loop, but i'd reccommend not going with IBM drives, lots of members here have dead ones to attest to that fact.


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Crummy IBM-drives?

did not know that IBM had such a crummy rep among the pro's! I currently run my system w/ a IBM 34GXP 20Gb HD at 7200rpm, and cannot say that I've experienced any problems.

But I am also curious about Maxtor's ATA-133 drives that come w/ 8Mb cache! If anyone who reads this thinks that this would be a better choice, then please come on in and sign in for that damn thing. Just be sure to post some sort of motivation for choosing Maxtor preferably to IBM!

Todd a

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Most of the newer drives impliment a quieter liquid drive bearing to run quieter. If you want real quiet, you might need to switch to a 5400RPM drive, but the performance would suffer a bit. For CPU cooling make sure you get a heatsink that is either solid copper or with a copper core and that can use an 80mm fan to cool it. The SK-7 is a nice one and it runs about $25 and uses a standard 80mm fan. For case cooling you should stick to case fans that run about 2500RPM. The only problem is most cases only have room for 2 fans and the fan grills are very restrictive. A good case like an Antec 10xx series or one of the many clones like the popular Cheifteck cases will improve cooling with 2 front and 2 rear 80mm fans with good fan grills. If you have a window or get a window, then the new LED 80mm fans are pretty cool looking (and generally very quiet).


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concerning the cpu fan:

i replaced my Coolermaster HHC-001 heatsink/fan because it was too noisy. i put on a DYNATRON DC1206BM-L. it's not silent, but it is much better for noise. they have the same model number with more than one fan that you can choose from.

i chose the 5300 rpm fan that puts out 24 cfm and has a noise level of 40 dBA. as i said they also put 7000 rpm fans on some of these, so you have to be careful if you don't want noise

the stock AMD XP2000 cpu had a hs/fan with it that i bought not long ago. i am not impressed with it, coolingwise.

i know you were mainly talking about hard drives
Todd a

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You could have just switched around two of the wires on the connector for the fan to make the fan run at 7v and be much quieter without buying a whole new heatsink. Free mod's are the best.


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Below is what I have and overall very quiet.

1. XP2000
2. Case: Antec 630II - comes with a 350W PS.
3. HS: Thermaltake Volcano 7, $15 (newegg) - I do not use the
stock fan that comes with it. I also scraped the thermal pad
and used AS-2 instead.
4. HSF: Enermax manual adjustable fan, 8cm, $7 each (newegg)
5. Case fan: same as HSF, 3x installed (2 outlet, one inlet)
6. HD: The one mentioned earlier (Seagate model).
I have both 40 GB and 60GB. Both quiet.

All 4 fans set at the lowest level. The CPU temp. is 49-52C w/o OC. System temp ~ 32C. The stock PS fan is also very quiet.

I have also found
7. Toshiba 16x DVD-ROM
8. Abit Ti4200 V-card, 64MB.
are quiet, too.


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As far as CPU cooling goes

I suggest looking into Thermaltake Volcano 7+

it is quite loud at full rpm and using aded 3 speed device doesn't help much
but using it with 7 volt mod or with something like Zalman Fanmate makes all the difference

I would say as quiet as Zalman 5100 that I had before and better cooling
My Tbread runs at 1700Mhz between 38C-42C(under full load), case temp 28C-31C


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Originally posted by DanceMan
I heartily second all of Todd a's advice. Seagate Barracuda IV drives are reputed to be the quietest. For more info on quieting computers:

I'll third that. Got a pair of 40Gb Cuda' IVs and sometimes I'm not sure they are working they are that quiet ;)


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Thanks everyone,
I really appreciate your info.

I was actually mainly thinking of a quieter chassi-fan.

This is my system (as far as cooling is concerned):
ASUS K7M mobo
Athlon 600MHz
IBM Deskstar 34GXP harddrive
SLC Colorcase MJ-701G case (probably totally unknown to anyone from outside Scandinavia)
300W ps
Creative Annihilator Pro GeForce 256
all are mounted w/ original HS/fans

Because of my apartment (I live in a 42m² single-room w/ the most stupid placement of cable-jack), I've chosen to have my computer-case up on the same shelf as my monitor (for more efficient cleaning-abilities amongst other factors). Thus the fans annoy a bit, not that much during gaming, but mostly when watching either the TV or a DVD on my computer.

I've read something about cooling-paste, but don't know jack sh*t about it. What does it mean?

Also, I remember reading something about Fujitsu having a silent-drive system for their harddrives. Does any1 know anything about this?

Once more, thanks everyone for your time!



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Regarding thermal compound, my advice is to avoid Artic Alumina. I'm also not too impressed with just plain old thermal paste. My Athlon XP2000 dipped up to 53 C last night using it.

Many people use Artic Silver 3 and one guy told me that OCZ Quicksilver is good.