Quick Question ...matrox g400 or voodoo3 2000



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I just bought a used g400 for my son...he is only four so I he will not be seeing any graphic intensive games. Anyway I already had a voodoo 3 2000 pci for him and decided to sell it for 50 bucks canadian and buy the g400 for 100 bucks. Did I do the right thing, I dont know much about the matrox...I just figured with 32 megs he should be set for a little longer. How are the latest drivers for the matrox...


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In my own personal experience I would go with the Matrox. I have the same card. I loved it before I replaced it with a GeForce2 Pro card. I liked it a lot better then my Voodoo3 3000. Plus it's still in business and it's a great company.

3dfx got out of the videocard market. They sold their core technology to Nvidia. Which means that you will have driver support for a lot longer then the Voodoo series.

You made a Very Good choice. Hope you like it.


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I agree, the Matrox is faster in 3D anyway, apart from in glide games, but like you said, he won't be using those sorts of games anyway.

A pin sharp image, richer colours and higher refresh rates are what you bought him. You don't want him straining his eyes at his age.

The latest drivers are superb, they also allow full adjustment of refresh rates to get the most out of your monitor, not stuck at windows standard refreshes. Apart from that, they drive the card, it looks good, you enjoy it, no problems, all smiles


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I would have gone for the matrox over the Voodoo. Notwithstanding my affection for 3Dfx products and my love of the Voodoo 5, I never felt the Voodoo 3 really looked that good.


You were lucky that you chose a good card without doing any research.
No problems encountered with drivers with Windows 9x, NT4, 2000.
Matrox generally provides excellent driver support for their products.


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I cant agree that you have done some great deal but if you are saticfide then it is good. Your deal deffinetly is not bad.

Anyhow for games I think Voodoo 3 is better, though overall perfromances and quality is on the side of Matrox.

and 32MB or 16MB on it does not makes some great difference.
Frist more memory is needed with bigger textures and in 32bit colour. Matrox G400 is not some powerfull graphic chip that can easely handle large textures and 32bit colour, and Voodoo 3, becouse of the same problem, is not even developed for 32bit colour and large textures and that is reasno why it does not needs more then 16MBs of RAM.

My point is 32 on Matrox = 16 on Voodoo.

Marox is deffinetly better but for games I doubt if it was worth of upgradeing.

Do you need mony for new PC?


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The Matrox G400 is a tad faster in 3D than the TNT2 Ultra, which is in turn faster than the V3.

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