quick Dumb? digital camera question...



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does digital cameras have a max mem limit?

ie. only supports upto a certain amount of memory like mobos do.

i have a new* old model digital camera.

fuji mx-1200

the manual says support for

4mb, 3.3v
8mb, 3.3v
16mb, 3.3v
32mb, 3.3v

but maybe in 1998-1999 when the camera was released, SM did not have 32+MB cards?

i would like to get a 64mb SM card. would it be usable at 64MB?

any comments appreciated.



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I don't know about with other memory types, but I had an SM card MP3 player that would only accept up to 64MB cards.


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Ditto, I have an old SM MP3 player that will not take above 32MB cards. It may be worth going to a store and asking to try one, it's the only way to be sure really.

As 64MB cards weren't around at that stage, it may have been that Fuji were just covering their back with warantees, in case there were problems with larger cards.