Question about slow computer, voodoo3?



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Hi there!
1. My friend who has a P266 needs a new grafikcard. He's broke down a couple of days ago. Now i want to know if a voodoo 3 3000 pci is the best buy for him? He only got pci and the voodoos are easy on the cpu, right!?
2. If he gets a voodoo 3, will it work as a 2d/3d card? Or does he need 2 cards, one for desktop and the one for 3d-games?
Thank you


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The Voodoo3's are powerful on slower CPU's. I saw a large increase in preformance after I got my Voodoo3 (I'm talking 18fps in Q3).

I've heard that the V3 is extremely well at handling FPU opperations (helping out slower CPU's).