Quantum 3d Obsidian 2



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Well, I'm not sure there is gonna be a reply, but I'll try.
I've recently seen a Quantum's Obsidian 2 Graphics Accelerator based on Voodoo2 chipset. It was said on the box that this 3D Accelerator was the best in gaming world for now and it was as twice as faster than Voodoo2. Moreover the minimum on-board videomemory was 12 MB and Maximum 24 MB.
So, any comment about this product?


The Obsidia is expensive , but definitely worth the price. My friend just bought it, and it is by far, the fastest thing I've ever seen. It outperforms other SLI Voodoo Configs because it doesn't use some shoddy SLi internal cable. No lag time or degradation. I'm about to buy one myself, I've just been saving my pennies.