quake3 n' unreal tournament... please help!


Red Demon

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where to download maps for both n' how to install them..

i get the UTInoxxPack but i don't know how to install it n' the bonus back it's always corrupt where to download a good file...

n' for quake i have the maxfiles for what r this one's...

sorry newbie



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Whenever I tried to download the maps from the Planet Unreal site the first download screen never downloaded the proper size. So I always used the mirror site. (California) Also when u unzip the file the Maps go into the Map folder and .utx files go into the Textures folder .umx goes into the Music folder etc. Just look in the UT folder for the file extension and put them in their proper folder etc... The first thing is to get a good download program. I have found GetRight to do an excellent job. LOL. CSteel