Quake 3 fps?


red tail

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I got a celeron 366mhz 128mb ram and a voodoo 3 2000 PCI ..I get
34 FPS in 800-600 mode is this good I thought it was supposed to be higher..

it runs smooth no choppyness at all


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@ same res I have 65,8FPS (high detail) with same graphic card, on [email protected]

V3 2000 is @ 172Mhz with leked drivers and DX8.

@ 1024x768 high detail is 47,7FPS (slow).

Does numbers are with every fancy option in Q3 ON.

SO If I would have the PC like yours I would overclock CPU and graphic card.
If you gonna use 75 or 83 FSB for CPU then don`t o/c the Voodoo cous it while allready be overclocked.

red tail

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I don;t have enough cooling to overclock rigth now..it'd be nice to overclock this thing


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You Processor's Your Main Bottleneck
That graphics card isn't the fastest out there either, i think those figures are acceptable

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Todd a

Todd a

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You should be able to bump the resolution up to 1024x768 without any performance hit. If you want faster, you need to disable features like marks on walls, dynamic lights and high geomitry. These hold back your CPU quite a bit. Also if you have a junky sound card, HQ sound is a big performance hit.


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FYI, I get almost the same with a K6-500, V3 2000, 64 MB PC133.
Seems pretty normal results IMO.