putting this mid level system together for friend to play fps and word processing..



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a friend of my mother called me wanting me to build here a box to for word processing and for her son to play fps games on. he's mainly wanting to play DF BHD and RavenShield.
here's what i've come up with for 555 bucks, and it goes a little somethin like this...

EP-8RDA+ $83.00
2500 Barty $87.00
ALPHA PAL6035MUC. Heat Sink + Fan. 60mm X 60mm. $25.99 GEIL 256MB PC-3200 (400MHz) DDR RAM w/hs $40.00
GEIL 256MB PC-3200 (400MHz) DDR RAM w/hs $40.00
Foxconn Super Case Model# PC-132 w/350W $25.00
MITSUMI 16X DVD ROM Model DM-2000TE OEM $35.99
MITSUMI D359M3 FDD 1.44MB 3.5INCH - OEM $6.50
Seagate 40GB 7200rpm Barracuda $65.00 Microsoft 114 keys Internet Keyboard PS/2 . $16.00
Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse PS/2 $12.00
CHAINTECH A-GX20 TI-4200 128MB $119.00

Subtotal » $555.48

pretty good heh? for some black hawk down and splinter celly, unreal 2, and UT2k3, and Raven Shield..



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i dont trust those foxcon powersuplies at ALL, up at school i was helping a friend put together his new computer, with a foxconn case and ps. i pluged the thing into the wall, and we hear three loud bangs, and smoke comes out of his psu, fried his board, processor and ram. all i can say thank god for neweggs rma service. replaced his board, ram and processor, and gave him a new powersuply, free. just watch out for thos foxconns....


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well I would be weary of any PSU+case for 25$ ;)

also if possible I would loose DVD and fdd and get CD-RW or CD-RW/DVD combo if he needs DVD
LG and Samsung have some great deals on combos, they get pretty good reviews as well

if noise is the factor then something like SK7 with 80mm fan would be much better choice

other then that it looks good


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You paid a bit too much for that Alpha heatsink. It won't be of much use if you plan to go over 2GHz. An SK-7 or even a classic SK-6 would have been a better choice, and cheaper too.


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Everything looks good except the PSU to me...But others have already mentioned that. :)

I would recommend this to keep costs down and it is a good PSU:

SPARKLE 350 WATTS ATX UL APPROVED POWER SUPPLY MODEL # FSP350-60BT - OEM AMD (Athlon 2100+) Approved & Intel Pentium 4 Ready - One Year Warranty

$38 plus shipping from newegg.com

I hope you are going to make a few bucks for your time too.;)


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i'm going to make 100 smacks for doing it.

wrathchild, i didnt order the pal, i ordered the volcano 10+ Opti-fin don't think these folks know what OCing is..so i'm going to leave it alone:D. besides, they're computer illiterate..
she told me that she needed plenty memory to store her documents and her son's games and a cd diskette drive to listen to here music....:rolleyes: :D

as for the psu i've got a antec 350w smart, that i may put in there for the hell of it.

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