PS3 streaming from Vista



Insane in the Brain

Well, using my Media Sharing options in Vista, my PS3 can see and play all my videos, pictures, and music from my notebook. I recently went into Media Player, and added more "monitoring folders" to the library so that it will share these items as well.

The issue is, my PS3 doesn't see these additional items I've added. Media player accepted them, and it scanned and added all my media, but the PS3 only picks up items from "My Music", "My Pictures" and "My Videos".

The additional folders I've added are actually mapped network drives, so I'm wondering if this is why it doesn't share them? I have a server, running Windows 2003 Server, which I keep my music on. When I added G:\, my mapped music drive, it added it to the library, but the PS3 doesn't see them.

Any ideas? Is it because it is a network drive?

Any ways around this?

Thanks for the help,