PS/2 Adapter problems



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Hello, this is my first post on these fourms.

The other day I purchased a USB adapter to plug a PS/2 mouse in my laptop with Ms dos 6.22 installed (for retro games) and it does not work well, at all. It either works slightly or crashes the programs I use where as it works completely in my windows 10 laptop. Keep in mind, usb mouses work fine but not the PS/2 mouse plugged in from the adapter in dos. Why is this, and how or can I fix it?


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Not all mice support USB -> PS/2 adapters, especially modern mice. Put simply, a mouse has to recognize the adapter and switch from USB to PS/2 mode. Modern mice, due to PS/2's age, rarely support this feature and are USB-only.

My recommendation is to find a native PS/2 optical mouse. You can probably find one an Amazon or Ebay for under $10. If you have a few older USB mice laying around, you might try them and see if one of them works.


ThePerson98 you read that back ward :3, he says the PS-2 mouse make it crash, So it must be the USB driver that is at fault or the BIOS, Or the mouse is broken.