Problems with my 56Kbps Boca Research Modem



New Member
I have two modems:
- a Boca Research External Modem 56k kflex
- another Bica Research Interbal 56k kflex

and, with the external model, it works fine for a few minutes, then It close the conection and the TM, AA, HS & OH lights are on, then I try to redial and Windows says that "Cannot recieve any response from modem check, turn it off and on and try again" but it still dont work.

With my Internal modem, it tries to conect at 46000, but I want it to connect at 32000, bacuase the server I'm calling does not support 56k speed, I've tried everything, but it still tries to conect at 46000 or higher.

I'll apreciate your help