Problems with Cyclone 3D joystick



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Hi, I recently bought a "Cyclone 3D" joystick made by Interact. The problem is that it is very eratic even after calibrating(which seems to do nothing). Also the test program for the joytstick indicates that one of the buttons is being intermittently pressed, which it isn't. I had probs with the Power supply interfering with my mouse(computer acting as if mouse buttons were being pressed). I replaced the mouse cable with a shielded cable and not a problem since. Could the joystick be suffering from the same prob? I don't think the j/s cable is shielded.
Or could the game port(on my 4 yr old sound card) be faulty or unsuitable for this j/s?
There are no other game ports on my machine and the Win95 device manager indicates no IRQ,DMA or other resource conflicts(as the j/s readme files suggests to check).
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,
Thanx in advance,
Steve F.


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If your power supply was getting to the mouse, it is almost certainly getting to your joystick. These are both simple devices, and almost never have shielding. Down the road, you may want to get rid of that power supply/case and get a better one. If it is emitting that much noise, there is no telling what else it is interfering with.