Problems with A3D and EAX on my new SBLIVE value



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after installation, I set it up and tried playing UNREAL TOURNAMENT, the sound is very good, but the animation isnt fluid at all
something "breaks" the animation.

in HalfLife-blue-shift after setting A3D and EAX i cannot disable it anymore plus now I cant hear the shoots, nor when I break the objects, i only move ambient sounds and voices.
what could it be?

ohhh yeah... I have it set it as 4 speakers (i use altec lansing ACS54), it's 2 front sats, 2 surround sats and 1 subwoofer.
(it uses 2 cables). Do i have to set my software (creative speakers software) as 4 channels or live surround? when I use "live surround i only hear my 2 fround speakers and the subwoofer, not the rear speakers. If I choose 4 channels (speakers) it works great.
what am I doing wrong?

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With Half-Life, go into the Config file and change A3D and EAX to "0", than save it. It'll be located under Sierra/Halflife.
You will deffinetly want to make sure you have the newest SBLive drivers as well as the newest drivers for A3D and EAX. The A3D drivers are hard to find but I believe Winfiles will have them.
Also under your multimedia, make sure everything is set up correctly there as well. Maybe turn hardware acceleration down one level. Maybe DirectX is having a hard time running through, or maybe you need to turn it up because hardware acceleration is too low.
good luck.