Problem With Voodoo 3 can anyone Help!!!!



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ok I have a compaq it has an onboard video card. I disabled the onboard videocard and made my voodoo 3 the main card. The games dont want to work, They play for about 5 min and then crash with a balck screen and lines. What do i do now?


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You might check the device manager for shared interrupts. Do you overclock the V3?

I'll be back...


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pentium 3, 600
128 mg of ram
no overclocking
there is only one shared inturupts
yes newest drivers
any other sugestions??


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Go into your BIOS and set AGP app. size to half your system ram, disable palatte snoop and enable assign IRQ to VGA. Also try using AGP2x and disable AGP turbo mode.


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Do you have any additional hardware in the system? THose cases are freaking small and are only designed to run ok with standart configuration. Adding new hardware increases heat by a huge margin. When I put a V3 and a new HD in my COMPAQ Presario 5360, it ran so damn hot....I don't know the exact temp, but it was far more than my fingers good stand (the CPU and Vcard temp). Hence, there go the lockups and crashes...


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ok here is the deal, its a voodoo 3, PCI card
thanks for the help fx but i dont think that will work. The system has cd-rom, cd-rw, hard drive, modem, and the problematic voodoo 3. I will give the situation and u figure it out from here. I am playing UT or halflife or anything that can use the voodoo 3. the game loads and plays perfectly fine with the greatest grafix I have ever seen. Then after about 5 to 10 min. the moitor shuts off and comes back on with a black screen and lines and the music from the game still playing fine. Keyboard wont work and no mouse. I Disabled the onboard card it was an intel 2x agp card that never wanted to work with games at all. everything else in the computer works fine only when i want to play games, Could it be Virtual memory settings, I think it has something to do with ram or my virtual memory.
Its in your hands now PLZ help!!!! or i can never play anything cool again


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I got a PCI Voodoo 2000 Card into a compaq with a On board Video card. Proceedure followed as below.
1. With onboard Video card enable, the Voodoo card out of slot. While in Windows, disabled the Hardware profile of the Onboard Vid card.
2. On next reboot, with onboard video card hooked up. Weh into BIOS F10. There set Disable Onbard Video card. (Don't remeber if there is setting to disable Video shadowing or video cache. If there is Disable them. Exited Bios, shut computer off.
3. Hooked up Voodoo 2000 card, connected monitor to it. Started computer, At this point BIOS might want to start. If it does make sure that Onboard Vid card didn't re-enable itself.
4. In windows, update drivers
5. Check the IRQ asignments. Double click on Computer Icon in the Device manager. See what hardware is sharing an irq with Voodoo 3000 card. If there is something like Sound card or Modem try moving them to another slot. That will change their IRQ away from the video card.
6. Other stuff Update Direct X-7. Update Macromedia, Quicktime, WinMedia player and Windows Virtual Machine. They may have messed with an association messing up in 3D voodoo.
Could it be Heat, Could have a badly seated Heat sink on the Card. Have a close look, look for gaps.
Getting the Video card to be reliable is mainly isolating it IRQ wise from other hardware. The AGP and the PCI slot next to it, share connections, Leaving it empty is best or use low demand crad like modem or network card there.
In the device manager the onboard video card may still show its profile, but it should be disbled there also.
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Thanks everybody but after lots of work i figured out the problem, I doubted it all along and you where all telling me but it was the heat. I put a case fan in the bottom of the case standing up and it is blowing out of the back cooling the card, Games work perfect.
Thanks evrybody for your help.


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How about a fan on the V3's heatsink also? This may work better (keep your case fan, too.)