Problem with Kenwood True 52x



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I have this problem with the Kenwood 52x with reading some CD's. I backed up a disc perfectly and it reads it as a Audio disc? My Memorex 32x reads it fine but some discs it just refuses to read for the kenwood. My friend has this kind of problem too but with a Memorex 36x or was it 38x. My friends CD-rom would not read the CD's and just keep on trying to read it over and over again. My 32x Memorex it fine but his has a problem. Does CD-Roms at higher speeds have problems?


You should go and repair or change your Kenwood should be still warranty.Most CD-Roms today is guaranteed to be perfect.I also encounter many problems with my HP 32x CDROM drive after using it about 1 couldn't read some files and sometimes it keeps reading.....reading.....reading.....reading making my computer to hanggg...waittt.So I bought a new Acer40x hoping wouldn't have any problem but STILL.Not as worst as my HP,It has troble reading background music of many games..simcity3000 and others.Sometimes it also couldn't tranfer some files (Original CD).I just bought it for 2 week and it was very disappointing.DO you want to hear this..!? my 5YEARS old Panasonic 4x CD-ROM drive is still working fine i didn't had any problem...maybe because it it very slow making the laser to read easily..I didn't used the cdrom drive for about 2years because it was quick slow...but it is still working.I though of buying kenwood because many websites recommend kenwood is very fast and stable but you had just have some problem...I think you should repair it or take other..Try CREATIVE INFRA, some people recommend it is good. How long you have been using your memorex anyway? Why did you bought a new CDROM when your memorex is still stable?for speed!!!??