Problem with CD-RW



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I have Acer CD-RW drive. When I insert original CD-ROM (like normal software), and click D: drive to see what file is in CD, it doesn't show all the files. Some folders and files are missing(I tried it on other CD-ROM, and it worked, so it's 100 % CD-RW's problem). But when I try it later, all the files are showing. What could cause this problem?


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I've never heard of that happening before. Do you have your options set to show all files?
Use your CD ROM to read CDs, since it will make your burner last longer. One other thing I can recommend is to re-install Windows and see if the problem goes away. Windows can do some strange things. On two occasions, I couldn't save, copy or move any files. I had to use DOS to copy my data to another HD, then format.

Good luck.