Problem with Cambridge SoundWorks "Four Point Surround" system with Diamond MX300



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When I go to the Monster Sound Control Pannel, I have the option of choosing the 4 channel mode as "Stereo 2X" (both channels the same) and "Quad". When I chose Quad mode, I lose most of my power to the subwoofer and I dont get as much bass
. But when I have it set to the Stereo 2X mode, I get all of the bass and power. Is there a way to prevent this or am I not understanding something about the 4 channel mode? Does this happen with the SBLive! users out there? Please respond.


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I find that when i use my TV in Surround sound(your quad) the effects are more dynamic and the bass is mainly for an even finishing. In stereo(your 2x) the sound quality is more music oriented usung more of the sub-woofer. I dont know if this is fact, but it is what i have experienced. It could also be that your diverting power away from your sub.