Problem watching movies on laptop connected to tv



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I'm using an HP nx9010 laptop. I have it connected to my Samsung tv via an s-video to rca cable. I also connect the laptop's headphone jack to the audio in on the tv. The problem is that the movie's audio (or the audio output of the laptop) is usually so low that when I play the movie with different players (winamp, media player classic, windvd), the picture is sent to the tv fine but the audio is too low for watching, even with all volume at max. Media Player 9 solves the sound problem by amplifying the audio output BUT most movies are not being sent to the tv even though they are showing on the laptop and the media player window is visible on the tv. On the tv a blank, dark-gray box is displayed in place of the movie, within the media player window. This is sometimes solved by going bringing video acceleration to minimum within media playert options but then full-screen switch (alt-enter) doesn't work. This is quite frustrating. Any ideas anyone?


Ideas include:

Macrovision protection
Screen resolution to high (but unlikely since you can see things)

Your headphone jack should provide incredible amounts of volume and should be way down. I'd check to see if you TV has any further volume setup for the audio-line in.