Problem : Video is pixelated



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Hey there,

I got a problem which popped out this week. Whenever I watch vidoes on the computer, the video looks pixelated than it should be. I though my eyes became sharper then befroe (but they were'nt :), on my other computer the videos look crystal clear, as they should. I don't why it's happening cause I did'nt get any error messages. My Graphics card is a Geforce 6600 running on Windows XP, and I've also installed all the latest drivers, but still no luck.

I'd appreciate any help you can give me
Thanks in advance,


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you mean streaming videos or videos you have on your computer? If so, what software are you using to watch them?.
The CandyMan

The CandyMan

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Could be a codec problem depending on what format the videos you're watching are in. Try updating them and see if there's any improvement. Or try VLC, great little video/audio proggy, no need for codecs to watch just about any video file.


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Video Cards are complicated for I have not installed one..I would suggest you check the Profiles for Video..or what it is you are actually watching..MPEG-2/4..WMV..what was the original file??