Problem ocing Geforce with Powerstrip



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After several months of reading all the Geforce woes on AMD based motherboards, I decided to take the plunge.

The Elsa installed flawlessly...not a hitch. New drivers (4.12) run very nice.

I have one problem, minor really, but would love to find a solution.

When I overclock with powerstrip (or even run default with powerstrip) on my SS 7 K6-III 450, Epox MVP3G5 mobo, IBM 7,200 rpm drive & sound blaster live the brightness dims, considerably.

I can go into the bright adjustments of the game and make correction, but come on, I want this damn Geforce that has so many others slicing their wrists to runs without any glitches on MY machine.

It does not occur other than on Descent 3, not in windows, not on Descent 2, just D3.

I went to the powerstrip FAQ's, no such post.

Any ideas?