printer freeze



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I have an HP LaserJet 1200 printer. The OS is Win98.
The printer inconsistantly freezes after giving it a print job. Usually, the printing icon is in the tray, but nothing happens. Any other jobs sent are cued behind the intial job, which shows a print status, but nothing is printing. Sometimes i send a print command and there is no print icon and nothing prints at all. I have to reboot. This happens once in a while, most often when other programs are open. It happens in almost all of the programs i use to print, such as WORD, QB and Outlook. It usually will print once I close all of the programs open. Sometimes I have to reboot. I am not sure how to go about troubleshooting this problem as it seems inconsistant and may only happen once or twice in a week. I updated the driver.
Is any one familiar with this problem?

Thanks for any help.


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make sure in your bios that your printer port is set to EPP or SPP not ECP...
i really dont think that laserjets support ECP ports...
let me know what you come up with..