Printer Driver Will Not Install



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I am trying to install a printer for a customer but when I put the CD in, a dialog box comes up and says that the driver is not supported on Windows 2000. The customer is not running Windows 2000, she is running Windows XP. Does anyone know why this might be happening?
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The CandyMan

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Older 98/ME drivers will pick up XP as 2000. My mother-in-law had an older Lexmark printer that she wanted to use when she upgraded to Windows XP. Unfortunately, Lexmark never made and drivers for this printer in XP, so to fix the problem I had to use the older version for ME, copy the file (an .exe) to the harddrive, right click on it and run it under compatibility mode, ME, which worked fine and installed.


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Generally those types of drivers when installed hook right into the Windows kernel. If there is any type of instability in the driver, it will take down all of Windows. In fact, in Windows 2003, Microsoft put in a system policy that prevents kernel mode printer drivers from installing. Kernel mode drivers are allowed in XP, and this is probably how the drivers you have will install.