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Sorry to post a whole new topic, but wanted to grab your attention.

Thanks for that - it's a new box so I can take it back. I understand that the power switch has to connect to the motherboard and it might be my connections that are screwed up, but I reckon that when you switch on the power the fan on the PSU should go round even if the motherboard is dead - is that right or wrong ???

I still think I'm being a bit stupid but is there a way I can be sure whether it's the PSU before I march it back to the shop tommorrow ?


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I dont know about the pro's around here.. But I'd try with a different PSU... And if it still didnt work, perhaps even try with a different mobo. And definitely dont install them properly when testing. At best letting them stay on top of the case, just connecting the wires. If the the PSU is bad, it should work if you try with a different one. If its the mobo, then the other PSU wont work either. OR.. If the thing runs with the other mobo, the PSU's fine. This means you need an extra PSU or mobo though. Still, I'd say you got a bad PSU. I'd be surprised if they'll even test run it if you return it. They'll prolly just hand you a new one. Thus, you can be SURE that it cant be the PSU which is the bad guy anymore ;-)


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Also read your other thread on this subject.If the AT box is new,why not exchange it for an ATX? Are ye a masochist? How's the ATX board gonna work out as far as the serial,parallel ports sticking out the back of the case and all that?Seems more trouble than its worth...


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I agree, why not just get an ATX case since it won't be a problem for you?