Preventing condensation



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Hi fellows,
This is my first post in this board.
I´m senior member on the AMDZone forum and
this board is kicking asses...

I´m building my first watercooled peltier
rig and my open question is:

What are using to prevent condensation ?
Is there anyone using the hot-wire method ?
(a wire wrapped around near the SLOT-1/A edge connector, with DC applied, generating some heat and thus preventing the cold to pass to the slot, preventing condesation)

Alphas ruled...
Home-made watercooling rulez!


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I havent heard about anybody doing this... but then again I'm not an expert. I just thought I'd respond to your post since no one else did. I think most other people are just trying to keep air away from the parts, but like I said I'm not sure...


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seems like quite a bit of work to go through when conformal silicone foam woould do just fine

just my 2¢

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