Power Supply With 4-Pin Power Cable



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I recently purchased a Dell Studio XPS 435MT with a 300+ watt power supply, which I feel is not sufficient for future upgrades. The power supply has all SATA cables for the HD, DVD reader & DVD ROM, along with an extra unconnected cable marked P7. This power supply does not have a 4-pin power cable needed for the Asus Xonar DX audio card which I just purchased. What replacement power supplies do you recommend which have a 4-pin power cable long enough to reach to the other side of the case where the PCIe audio card will be installed. My emphasis is on quality sound and I will be converting my vinyl LP collection to CDs & MP3 files.


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You're talking about a 4 pin floppy power plug. There are adapters from 4 pin molex. If you're PSU doesn't even have molex, you'll need a SATA to floppy and/or molex.